Northern Beaches Graphic Design

Northern Beaches Graphic Design. What is it like? Well my answer is subjective due to the fact that I am a graphic designer with a Photography & Design business in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. So instead of prattling on about how you should use [NBPD] yadda, yadda, yadda, I will give you some tough love on why you need to understand your brand, research your graphic designer/design agency and communicate what you want.

When new clients come to us frustrated from experiences they have had with other designers/design agencies, I ask 2 questions: Did you like the designers work?  Did you meet with the designer and have a good report?  9 times out of 10 the answer always involves at least one “No?!?”.  So here’s the “tough love”…There is absolutely no excuse in blindly choosing a graphic designer under duress, procrastination or otherwise. If you are a client or small to medium business looking for someone to give vigour or new life to your brand, you need a designer who will listen, understand and interpret your ideas into a modern, contemporary and timeless or trendy reality. Whatever you have in mind. With that said, graphic designers are not mind readers and will need you to understand and clearly voice what best represents your business/brand and how you want to progress the look and feel of it. Your brand depends on professional graphic design to help reach your business goals.

Think about it, all the brands that stick in your head were sure to have professional design services…that is no coincidence.  Yes they might have paid a mozza for it however you can still find AMAZING graphic designers, ahem did I mention [NBPD], who are reasonably priced, who listen, who are understanding, innovative, contemporary and are sure to add an immense value to your business/brand.

Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.”  Well I agree but how about this addition, “You get what you pay for but don’t break the bank.” Here is a quirky little article that gives you more insight into where I am coming from.  Click here.  Enjoy!

Please comment or voice your opinion… we may not agree but we will listen and take it on board.

Jodie Slowski [NBPD] Northern Beaches Photography & Design
Graphic Designer | Webpage Designer | Photographer | Mixed Media Artist | Blogger

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